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The goal of this article is to clearly show you everything you need to do and which skills you need to pass a coding interview. First, I’ll tell you what happens in every coding interview. Then I’ll cover how to explain your solutions properly, and how to explain your solutions with a test case. Then I’ll cover what it feels like to use and get up to speed with Leetcode. Finally, I’ll end with a section on how and when to start mock interviewing.

There’s lots of good information out there, but you have to know what you’re looking for…

A dive into distributed systems and React/TypeScript

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Alternate timelines

Imagine waking up one morning and thinking, “Hey, I’m gonna build a distributed database!”

What, not everyone does that? Anyway, I didn’t have that goal in mind when I started this project. Instead, I wanted to alleviate my confusion about clocks.

Logical time

I first heard about Lamport clocks during this episode of Software Engineering Daily. Plenty of articles on the interwebs explain what they are.

Receive a message? Add one. Send a message? Add one.

However, none of the articles explained why systems need these weird clocks. So I said, “Screw it, I’m gonna build a database and find out for…

Aleexsan Adal

A million lines of code live under our applications, and I love studying them. OMS CS at Georgia Tech, Software Engineer at Facebook.

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